Updated! DIY {Waterproof} Eye Makeup Remover Pads

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I have to admit I don’t wear eye makeup that often, for the simple fact that I can’t stand taking it off. I used to always buy the Maybelline Clean Sweep Wipes that work really well however they are pretty expensive and never last very long. Since I’ve been on a kick of making my own everything, I thought I would give Jillee’s recipe for makeup remover wipes a try, and see if I could add yet another thing to my list of products I no longer buy commercial.

So I woke up this morning and went to work. Well, I wouldn’t call it “work” it’s a very simple process actually. :) When I finished my batch I realized I had nothing to try it out on, so that’s when the real work came in…I put on a few coats of my favorite waterproof mascara and tried them out. I was very pleased that it didn’t take me scrubbing like a madwoman to get my eyes mascara free.

What you’ll Need:

  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 1/2 TBS Tear Free Baby Shampoo
  • 2 TBS Coconut Oil
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Container (I used Ziplock containers because they were small and portable and have a nice tight lid)

I warmed my coconut oil over the stove in a metal bowl and then added all of my other ingredients, giving the mixture a light stir to distribute the shampoo and oil. I then lined up my containers and poured the mixture so that it filled them 3/4 of the way. This recipe filled about 3 of my Ziplock containers, which was perfect as I wanted to give some away as a gift. I split up my package of cotton rounds and put an equal amount in each container. They should stick out substantially at first (about double the height of the container) but once you press them down and they absorb the solution they will fit perfectly. Once the rounds were pushed down I placed the lid on the container and flipped it upside down so that the solution could coat all of the pads. Then voila! I had 3 nice little portable makeup removers :)

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And there you have it! A perfect way to save a little money and live a little greener with your…

Makeup Remover Wipes


Though I adore these makeup remover wipes, I have had some issues with mold. Yuck! I added some Tea Tree Oil to another batch I made and because it is anti-fungal/anti-bacterial/so-on-and-so-forth and have found it has helped tremendously, no mold as of yet and it has been two weeks!

Another point I wanted to make is that the amount of coconut oil can be tweaked if you find that the solidified oil around the edges or near the top of the container bothers you. I typically just rub it in to the cotton pad when I remove it and the warmth of my fingers melts it up again. However I know it might be bothersome to others so I just wanted to let everyone know that I used a lot of oil for my recipe since my makeup is super stubborn, but you can adjust if you want to :)

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27 thoughts on “Updated! DIY {Waterproof} Eye Makeup Remover Pads

  1. Love it! Did you ever have a problem with the coconut oil having any solid consistency coming back to the surface of the pads at all? I’m curious about it because 76 degrees is the melting point and once it is on the pads or paper towels (which some other use) at a lower temp/room temp, is there some sort of hard residue from colder temperatures? I LOVE coconut oil (especially for tanning [both indoor and outdoor], hair masks, and for a daily body “lotion”)! Thanks for this! I love my cotton rounds and this seems a lot easier! :)

    • Hi there :)

      I have had this issue with the coconut oil becoming slightly solid in spots when my container has been in a room that is cooler than its melting point. I usually either try to rub the oil back into the pad or I’ll let it flake off over the trash before I use it. I really appreciate your comment! I also love coconut oil, it is so versatile and good for you!

  2. Have you had any issue with mold? I have made 2 batches of the wipes and they both molded after 1 week…

  3. This is great! I know you said in the note that the amount of oil could be adjusted, but do you have any guess to how much could be omitted? I have trouble with oily skin so I would like to minimize how much extra oil I put on my face. Thanks again for the recipe!

    • I have the same problem with oily skin but I find that if I use makeup remover, THEN wash my face, the issue of too much oil is eliminated! Hope this helps!

    • You can buy Tea Tree oil from Trader Joes, Whole Foods and other health food stores similar to that. You can also order it online as well! If you are looking for super high quality stuff on the cheap I would suggest sparknaturals.com they are a fantastic resource for essential oils that are the highest quality! Hope this helps :)

  4. Made this yesterday and it works great! I did add the tea tree oil as well. I love the smell. My oldest daughter tried it and it made her eyes itch. My eyes were fine. Thanks again for the recipe! :o)

  5. I haven’t made any yet but I was wandering if you use distilled water for certain things like putting it in an iron to prevent mold or certain plants that sit in water (bamboo plants) would it maybe work for this. Also I had heard before I found this recipe to use baby oil. Before I found out you can use coconut or olive oil. I bought that even though I may cut the recipe in half so it don’t make more than I can use. Thought I might mention the distilled water thing hopefully it will not mold, but I have tea tree oil so I will also add a few drops of that.

  6. Great idea! I’m so gonna make some for a musician I know who wears a lot of waterproof stage makeup but always wants to take it off right away. He’s had trouble finding something affordable that works. Thanks!

  7. When I usually make them I use distilled water which usually keeps it from molding since there is no bacteria. Coconut oil is also a natural antifungal so it’s probably the water that is causing the mold :]

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  9. Your mold problem could be due to the water not being distilled. Try that because playing with tea tree oil can be dangerous, especially when it comes in contact with plastic (it tends to dissolve the plastic or warp it, which is why it’s always sold in glass). A little of it goes a LONG way and it’s very potent, research it first before putting it on the thin delicate skin of your eyes. Anyway, I use to use tap water in a spray bottle with leave in conditioner when I had long hair (it distributed it better) and it molded real quick. Switched to distilled water and it fixed the problem. Give it a try :)

    • Thank you so much for your insight! You are totally right about TTO too close to the eyes, I have certainly had my experience with that and it is NO BUENO. Thanks again for the comment ♥

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